It is our vision at Pixery to build and create products in which the content created on them will one day have been seen by all. This is a real challenge that requires us to first understand what people like to see on the internet, and then find the best possible ways to enable creators to do their magic. Every year, more than 1 billion videos are created using our products.

Our team consists of very talented individuals from various backgrounds, such as design, engineering, marketing, and so on. They all have their expertise and their own unique way of thinking when facing challenges. Our job, as the product team, is to make sure that they are working on the right thing and support them if they need it.

We are responsible for anything related to our products. We analyze the market and keep track of our competitors, discuss the data architecture for our upcoming features with the engineers, fine tune the ad copy and crunch the analytics to inform the design team with fruitful insight. We make sure that everyone is heard and make the decision to move on when we need to.

We are the advocates of our lovely creators. We don’t wait for them to show up and talk, but find unique ways of building strong communication with them. When we say we have so many talented people around us, we mean it both with our colleagues and our creators.We are so lucky to have them among us.

At Pixery, design is the foremost crucial part of our product development process. Our role as product designers is to drive success across the entire, end-to-end user experience, which makes it our responsibility to ensure that the experience across our apps is of a high quality. We measure quality by our metrics, systematically obtaining user feedback, retention, and monetization results. Our process is broken down using Human-Centered Design principles.

Our motion designers are the core part of our work; they offer the best solutions and creative tools for editing videos and they make a huge contribution to shaping the product.

We’d like our users to interact with our products in a clear and efficient way so that they enjoy the experience and definitely want to come back for more. We give importance to delivering a consistent experience across our apps. We do so by detailed documentation, brainstorming with all of the stakeholders inside Pixery, beta testing with our users, having discussions around interactive prototypes, and working with engineers, side-by-side, to ship designs in the most optimized way possible.

As a mobile development team, we are developing apps that provide users with the opportunity to use the features that are developed within the graphics engine in an easy to understand and fun way. We deal with real-time video rendering, so performance is of critical significance. We try to make the photo and video editing experience as smooth as possible for our users.

From day one, we adopted a lean methodology as our software development strategy, with a primary focus on speed. The goal is to evaluate the data at hand and build on it, that is, receive feedback and move on to the next iteration, and release it to the user as soon as possible.

In order to maximize our speed, we aim to have a codebase that is reliable, scalable, and maintainable. In doing that, we continuously follow the recent developments in the software community, and go through an evaluation before adopting them. We try to find better versions of the de facto architectural structures that will fit our apps better. With the help of our talented developers, we are able to learn from each other, motivate development and of course, have fun while presenting high-standard applications.

We developed our graphics engine to use all of the possible power of rapidly evolving mobile graphics technology in video projects. Our engine is a useful graphics engine for creating impressive designs with modern animation and effects infrastructure. It can be optimized according to the device that it is working with and can work cross-platform.

In video design, the real-time visualization of effects is as crucial as their effectiveness. Consequently, the engine was specially designed to solve demanding graphics problems in mobile GPUs.

Today, we are delighted that millions of users bring their designs to life with our engine infrastructure in applications developed by Pixery.

At Pixery, we build scalable and performant web services for millions of users and develop Data Analytics tools that process big data using the latest technologies. Building such services is a challenging task and requires thinking outside of the box. We are responsible for service development and server management, which are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The problems we are solving are unique and non-repetitive. Therefore, we never stop learning while developing. Our team consists of very talented engineers who are passionate about what they do and supportive to one another. We always follow the latest technologies, discuss them, and try to implement them into our services.

At Pixery, marketing is all about acting fast, following the trends, and listening to our end users. We are an innovative tech company where everything moves rapidly, so our marketing team is always on the go to make sure that we market our products in the right place at the right time. Our marketing department has three branches: Growth, Social Media, and Influencer.

The Growth team consists of performance marketing specialists. You can call them “adwizards”. They are responsible for running successful ad campaigns to drive installs and all of the user acquisition for our apps. Ad platforms, app store optimization, mobile measurement partners… If you are familiar with these terms, you know what we’re talking about. Analyzing big chunks of data is a big part of what the growth team does. They drive conclusions from big sets of data to decide which of the ad sets work better, where, when, and why.

The Social media team plays an important role in creating a loyal community and marketing our products on social media channels through engaging content. They always keep an eye on the latest trends for more creativity. Our products evolve constantly, so the social media team is making sure that we are in close contact with our end users, hearing their voices on what changes they would like to see as well as what they want more of.

The Influencer team is responsible for running global influencer campaigns. Those famous influencers you see on TikTok, they’ve probably collaborated with at least a few of them! They manage the relationships with both the influencers themselves and global agencies. Creativity is never missing in the influencer team. They always come up with creative content ideas that match both our products and the style of the influencers.

All of the teams within the marketing department work in close contact with each other. They also constantly collaborate with other teams, such as designers and product managers. The marketing team is, as we call it, “the front face” of our products and they each help us grow our global presence in their own unique and creative way.

Join us. Let’s build the future together.

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