Funimate is an advanced video editing tool that enables its users to express their imagination without any limitations. We constantly aim to build sophisticated video editing features for the mobile world and offer a huge selection of animations, transitions, and keyframes. Using groundbreaking technology, Funimate combines complex AI effects with advanced editing features in a very responsive and playful way.

Unlike traditional video editing tools, Funimate provides a grand platform for its users to share the creativity they are proud of while gathering many unique fan communities.

The best of the best!

Funimate is overall my number 1 favorite editing app of all time, it has a huge selection of animations, transitions and keyframes to make your video’s and edits pop out. I really suggest this editing app for any editors, it’s not hard to understand and easy to make an edit to post within a few minutes, I suggest downloading if you wanna start making nice edits!

This is an awesome app!

First of all, there is a lot of different editing options and many things for free.This is one of my favorite editing apps and you can join contests and win prizes!


Compose is the all-in-one template app that makes it possible create complex transition edits within seconds. With more templates being added regularly, it is now possible to have an advanced edit without spending hours!

With only 3 steps, it enables perfect beat timing for your music videos, hundreds of advanced templates, making photo slideshows and of course, HD video export! Select the template you like, add photos/videos, add music and let Compose create the magic!

This is amazing

Hello! So I have a TikTok account, and this app helped me improve sooo much! Thank you Compose

Awesome app! I love it so much!

It's really good and I'm loving it!


Perfectly designed for editors who are new to editing and want to make advanced velocity edits, Velomingo offers hundreds of velocity templates along with various media and music options.

With Velomingo, we adapted the Funimate substructure into making pro edits faster and easier while enabling users to catch up with the latest trends on social media. Creating mesmerizing slow motion videos and smooth velocities are only 3 steps away: select your favorite template, add photos/videos together with any music you like and export your edit in HD!

Best app!

This app is so easy to use! It's perfect for velocity edit mostly! The velocity is on beat most of the time and I'm excited to see new updates!!


Imaginate is the perfect image editor that enables people to get most out of every pixel. It’s the second member of the Funimate Family, optimized for designing remarkable cover images for the videos created with Funimate.

With Imaginate we are transforming our core technology to adapt new image editing capabilities, hence support our established video editor community with powerful new features.

Just wow 🤯

Amazing editor with such great features...

This is an awesome app!

First of all, there is a lot of different editing options and many things for free.This is one of my favorite editing apps and you can join contests and win prizes!


Impresso is an all-in-one video editing tool for those who want leverage for their social media through professional video content. It enables thousands of creative people from all over the world to create and inspire others through the power of visual storytelling. Our users enjoy one of the most intuitive and quick video creation experiences in the mobile world due to our unique rendering technology and metal framework, which allow us to render effects and animations very quickly in real time. In contrast to other video creation apps, which narrow down the options to a limited number of templates and trivial features like changing the text color; Impresso comes like a Swiss army knife, offering a wide selection of video features leading to absolute possibilities.

Great App! Easy to use!

It allows my creative juices to flow! Give me all the beneficial options I need! I love it!

Such an intuitive app with tons of options

This app makes me look like a pro and like I’ve spent a long time creating videos / intros. Everyone wants to look like the star sometimes!


Behind our apps; there is an advanced technology which we develop and upgrade on a daily basis. As our products are used by millions of people, they embody high-end technology and traffic. Whether you are in Mobile Development, Backend Development, Machine Learning or Test & Automation; you will be dealing with top-level challenges and bringing your own advanced solutions.

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We are a passionate team of makers who build award winning products. We believe that it takes a great team to build a great culture, product, and work environment. With this belief, we nurture our team through encouragement, entitlement, and investment in their talents.

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